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Parkhurst Showroom

From start to finish, Kintro Construction handles every aspect of your new build or renovation.


With our skilled and professional building team and trusted specialist contractors no finish or design is unachievable. Whether you choose to build your home or office in brick and mortar, light steel frame or off shutter concrete, Kintro Construction will be able to assist you.

We are proud to offer some of the best off shutter concrete building in the business. This versatile, energy efficient and low maintenance medium is an excellent option for people looking for the wow factor, while compromising nothing on aesthetics.


Our experience in innovative building technologies and eco and green construction ensures that you receive the best construction offering available. 

Our skilled leadership team is passionate about each project and the people involved in them. Their understanding of what each client wants enables them to guide and advise you through your build. You can rest easy knowing that your interests are at the heart of the project.

We aim to deliver an exceptional standard of construction, within budget and on time.

Off Shutter Concrete House
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